Our Sydney Vendor Advocates help you achieve top price
for your home, at no extra cost to you...

Selling your home using a Vendor Advocate (also known as a Seller’s Advocate), is an innovative, stress free way to sell. We save you time, money and sleepless nights by assisting with everything from preparing your property for sale to choosing the right real estate agent. As a Vendor Advocate, we work together with the agent to leave no stone unturned in our mission to ensure you achieve the highest possible price. It’s like having 2 property professionals working for you for the price of 1.  

Regardless of why you are selling, navigating this process can be a minefield of legal terms, agent jargon and difficult decisions. There are many tricks of the trade we can share with you to avoid the regret and expense of costly mistakes. With 3 decades of experience in real estate and vendor advocacy, we know what it takes to achieve the highest price for your home, investment or commercial property while keeping the whole process transparent and the selling agent honest.

It won’t cost you a cent to engage a Vendor Advocate as we receive an industry standard referral fee from the real estate agent. Rest assured that although we share in their fee, we remain completely independent with our motivation being to achieve the highest possible price, not the quickest sale. 

Our proven 3 step VENDOR ADVOCATE process

Preparing your home for sale.

· We use our proven method to increase the value of your home.

· We provide professional advice on property presentation.

· We assist with organising minor repairs and upgrades.

· A FREE Consultation with a Property Stylist is included.

· We provide an honest assessment of your property's value.

Agent Interviews and Selection.

· We research and interview 3 real estate agents on your behalf.

· We provide our recommendations for which agent to appoint.

· We negotiate a competitive selling fee to keep more money in your pocket.

· We make sure you're not overspending on marketing the property.

· We advise on the best method of sale in the current market.

The Sale Process.

· We deal directly with the agent so you don't have to worry.

· We advise which offers to knock back and when to negotiate.

· We keep you informed and involved every step of the way.

· We're by your side on Auction Day to alleviate stress and support you.

· We use our proven strategy to achieve the highest possible price.

Is using a Vendor Advocate really a FREE service?

YES it is FREE! You might think the whole concept of a Vendor Advocate sounds too good to be true and there must be a catch?

We can honestly say there isn’t! When 2 agents work together on a sale it’s very common in the industry to share in the commission paid by the seller. It’s known as a Conjunction Fee or Referral Fee.

This DOES NOT mean you will be paying a higher sales commission. In fact, we are able to negotiate a much better fee than most vendors can as agents are eager to forge an on going relationship with us for future opportunities.

We DO NOT align ourselves with any particular agents. Every agent goes through the same strict interview process each and every time.

We’re often asked do we have ‘favourite’ agents we use more often? The answer is a definite NO! The best agent at that time for that particular property will win the business. We have no ‘deals’ with any particular agents. Remaining independent of the agent is how we achieve success for our clients.

Having us as your Vendor Advocate allows the agent to focus their energy on what they do best – marketing the property and dealing with the buyers.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Vendor Advocate Service

A Vendor Advocate also known as a Sellers Advocate is an industry professional that provides property sellers with professional, independent support and unbiased advice.  It is typically someone with an intimate knowledge of the buying and selling process and works exclusively for the seller. We take care of all dealings with the real estate agent to ensure you achieve the best possible price for your home.

Our Vendor Advocate service includes the following:

  • An independent assessment of the estimated value of your property.
  • Advice on ways to display your home to appeal to the most buyers.
  • Helping you prepare your property for sale and assisting with minor cosmetic upgrades.
  • We research, interview and advise on which agent is best suited to sell your home.
  • Negotiation of a competitive selling fee with the agent.
  • We ensure the marketing maximises the exposure of your property and not of the agent.
  • We proactively manage the agent to ensure a profitable outcome.
  • Advice and assistance during the negotiation phase.
  • We are by your side on Auction day to guide and support you. 

The main difference is that unlike a real estate agent who deals with both buyer AND seller during a negotiation, a Sellers Advocate deals only with the seller so there is never a conflict of interest. A Sellers Advocate is often described as being a ‘buffer’ or ‘barrier’ between the seller and agent, protecting them from pressure tactics often applied by agents.

Another difference is we help the seller choose the best real estate agent by conducting lengthy interviews and delving much deeper into the sale process. Pricing strategy, marketing campaign and buyer follow up processes are just a few of the items on the agenda during these interviews.

10 reasons to use a
VENDOR advocate

1. You want peace of mind knowing you achieved the highest price possible.

2. You have never sold before and are not confident with the process.

3. You are the Executor of a Deceased Estate and feel burdened by the responsibility of organising the sale.

4. You are time poor. 

5. You feel anxious and overwhelmed by the whole idea of selling.


6. Your home needs some work and you’re unsure what you should and shouldn’t do.

7. You don’t trust real estate agents.

8. You want a true estimate of your property’s value.

9. You are an Executor of a deceased estate and want help.

10. You want an unfair advantage when selling, without costing you extra!

6. Your home needs work but you’re not sure what you should  do.

7. You don’t trust real estate agents.

8. You live interstate or overseas and need someone on the ground you can trust to handle everything for you.

9. You have sold before and had a bad experience.

10. You are separating from your spouse and need help to sell the family home amicably.

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