An Insider's Guide to Selling Your Home for More in 2021

Sydney real estate agent turned vendor advocate lifts the lid on what you must do before listing your property for sale. Find out the secrets real estate agents DON’T want you to know!

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What's In the Guide?

Everything You Need to Know about Getting the BEST Price for Your Home, Without The Stress...

In this 17-page tell-all report, one of Sydney’s most trusted vendor advocates reveals the secrets the real estate industry doesn’t want you to know. If you’re thinking of selling your family home or investment property in 2021, you must read this insider guide to avoid the biggest mistakes vendors make. 


The Top 3 Mistakes People Make When Selling Their Home (and How to Avoid Them)

Most vendors make at least 1 of these 3 costly mistakes when selling. Learn some tricks of the trade that will help you make the right choices so you don’t fall prey to losing thousands. 

page 4

How to Choose the most Trustworthy Agent for the Sale of Your Home

Kathryn shares her proven 5-step process for choosing the right agent. You’ll know the exact questions to ask any agent, and what answers are huge “red flags” that tell you the agent doesn’t have your best interests at heart. 


page 6

3 Things You Can Do Today to Immediately Increase the Sale Value of Your Home

We reveal several little-known “quick wins” that go over and above the basic decluttering most agents will suggest. One of these tips alone earned a client of Kathryn’s an extra $110,000 on the sale price of their home!


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Should You Accept an Offer Early in the Campaign, or Hold Out for a Better Price?

Some sellers are tempted to negotiate with a buyer within the first week if their offer is good. Others prefer to wait thinking a better offer will come along. Kathryn explains there’s a place for both of these strategies and why the timing is critical. 

PLUS, quick and easy property presentation tips, setting your auction reserve price, and how to get (free) expert help to sell your property in 2021! Enter your details for instant access to the guide.

"Only one open house..."

Kathryn’s support, local market expertise, selection of the right agency team & the ongoing advice provided to Mum facilitated the sale her house for a better price than was expected after only one open house.


"Would have sold the house for less..."

When it came to the final negotiation I feel as though if we didn’t have Kathryn working as our Sellers Advocate we would have either sold the house for less, or we would have taken the house off the market.



Get More for Your Home

Download your FREE guide today and find out how Kathryn can help you get more for your home using these insider secrets…

Overall, our experience using Kathryn as a seller’s advocate was fantastic. Kathryn was able to help us achieve an amazing price for our property, all the while taking the lead to negotiate and liaise with agents and marketing experts, cutting through the sales pitches a home owner is often subjected to. Best of all, there was no additional cost to us, as Kathryn and the agent work together under an agreed fee.

Thank you Kathryn. We have already spoken highly to others of your professionalism and sincerity, and will be happy to recommend you to anyone looking to sell their property with a minimum of fuss.


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