Lawyer was acting as Executor

Our Brief

We were contacted by a Wills & Estates Lawyer who was acting as the Executor, to assist her with the sale of a deceased estate property in Kogarah.

Knowing the amount of work required to best prepare the property for sale and go through the process of appointing a suitable real estate agent, she happily engaged our expertise to take care of this entire process on her behalf.

The lawyer required:

1. A Quick Sale

2. Maximum Sales Return

3. Budget of $10k for upgrades

4. Least amount of her time spent

Upon inspecting the property, we could see it had lots of potential but was quite dated inside. The carpet was in very poor condition, there was wallpaper throughout and the kitchen and bathroom were original and needed a good tidy up. We came up with our list of recommendations which resulted in a total spend of $11k.

Following these works, we interviewed a selection of local real estate agents and made recommendation for which agent would be best suited to sell the property. We also negotiated the best possible selling commission with the agent.

Our Recommendation

✔️ Remove old carpet 

✔️ Remove wallpaper 

✔️ Paint all walls, ceilings, doors and skirting

✔️ Remove old curtains

✔️ Clean all windows

✔️ Thorough clean throughout

✔️ Style the property with rental furniture

✔️ Auction



Our Result

✔️ 70 groups in total inspected

✔️ 7 registered bidders on the day

✔️ Reserve price : $1,075,000

✔️ Sale price : $1,185,000

✔️ Amount spent on upgrades : $11,000

✔️ Our assistance with the sale cost the client nothing extra as we share in the commission paid to the agent.

What Our Client Had to Say.....

“What a wonderful service Kathryn Fantov provides. A Vendor Advocate is a truly innovative service provided by very experienced and professional property experts. I had been appointed as Executor of a deceased estate which triggered a few months ago.  

As I now live and work in a different region to the relevant property, I faced a very stressful period carrying out the sale of the deceased’s home. Kathryn’s service was efficient and highly effective. She not only located the most appropriate selling-agent for the property, she also recommended AND arranged the agreed necessary upgrading and dressing of the property to achieve the very best end result. The improvements were at minimal cost to the estate and within what must have been a record short-time from the beginning to a very successful sale by auction. 

The “icing-on-the-cake” feature of this service is that there is NO fee charged to the seller … the agent & advocate work together under a commission-share basis.

It is a win:win no-brainer that I would highly recommend to any vendor.”

Cheryl Christiansen, Beyond Property Legal Solutions