June sold her home within two weekends

Our Brief

June was referred to us by a close friend of hers who was also a previous client of ours. June had been talking about selling her family home for quite some time. There were so many memories there but she was now living alone and the house was too large to maintain. After 50 years, the thought of how much work was involved and not knowing where she would move to paralysed her with fear. Her son decided it was time to give me a call to find out how I could help.

Our Recommendation

I sat down with June who was obviously very anxious about starting the process, but at 75 years of age she knew it was better to make the move now rather than wait any longer.

We helped her prepare the property for sale, and provided her with a detailed timeline so she knew exactly when everything was going to happen. We advised she could have a longer settlement which would give her plenty of time to find her new home. She didn’t have to worry about which real estate agents to interview as we took care of this for her, and we helped her understand the various methods of selling she had available to her.

June was finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel and began looking around at smaller properties closer to where her children live.

The Property

Our Result

The property attracted a lot of interest thanks to our extensive marketing campaign and a buyer was found after just two Saturdays.

June was very happy to sell her home with minimal disruption, for a price in excess of her initial expectations.

Within one month she had already found and secured her new home and now enjoys spending more time with her grandchildren.

What Our Client Had to Say.....

“I am so grateful my friend introduced me to Kathryn. My home was getting too much for me to maintain on my own and I really wanted to live closer to my children.

Without Kathryn’s help I don’t believe I would have sold my home. I was worried I had nowhere else to live but she explained all my options and I felt comfortable to move forward with her help.

She advised on what improvements I should make to my home and interviewed 3 agents to see which one would be best suited to act as my selling agent. It was fantastic that Kathryn took care of all dealings with the agent so I didn’t have to worry. She used her negotiation strategy to push the buyer up as high as possible and I’m very pleased with the result. I have now purchased my new home closer to my children and will move in as soon as my sale settles.

Thank you Kathryn for all your help – you’ve been amazing!”