4 Beneficiaries Living Interstate

Our Brief

A local Wills & Estates Lawyer contacted us to see if we could assist her clients. The property was located in Cronulla and it was proving quite difficult for the children of the deceased (also the Beneficiaries) to coordinate and manage the clean out of the property together with the proposed sale. The main objective for them was to maximise the sale price with minimal investment so the proceeds could be shared equally. The difficulty was the fact two beneficiaries lived in Sydney, a third was on the Central Coast and the fourth lived in Queensland. 

The brief was further complicated by the fact that communication between them had somewhat broken down, therefore creating difficulties around the decision making process. As there are many decisions required to be made during the sale of an estate property, we needed to be an independent voice of reason to assist with the process.

After inspecting the property, we advised a number of upgrades to the property should be made if they wished to maximise the sale potential. Eventually, all parties agreed and we moved forward with organising the upgrades.

We then conducted the agent interview process and made recommendations for which agent to appoint. We then took care of dealings with the agent and coordinated the entire sales process. Communication was provided equally to all parties so everyone felt involved and up to date with all progress.  

Our Recommendations

 ✔️ Remove green carpet

✔️ Replace with timber floorboards

✔️ Cosmetic makeover to kitchen – paint cupboards, new handles, new lighting

✔️ Paint all walls, doors and skirting

✔️ New blinds

✔️ Style the property with rental furniture

✔️ Short 3 week Auction campaign due to strong demand



Our Result

Sold One Day Prior to Auction

✔️ 33 groups in total inspected 

✔️ 2.5 week campaign

✔️ All Beneficiaries agreed they would like $650,000.

✔️ Sale price : $675,000.

✔️ Amount spent on upgrades : $20,000

✔️ Our assistance with the sale cost the client nothing extra as we share in the commission paid to the agent.

What Our Clients Had to Say.....

I would recommend to anyone faced with the daunting task of preparing and selling a deceased estate, to seek out the services of Kathryn Fantov of Innovative Property Advocates. 

The situation in our case was complicated with COVID-19, siblings living out of state,  sibling rivalry, grieving and time poorness due to work commitments. 

Kathryn was invaluable in organising my family and helping us all to agree to the many steps it takes to get our dear father’s property on the market. Kathryn helped us all commit to a schedule, supported us and helped us stick to it. She helped us find the right real estate agent, conveyancer and the right price for sale.

Kathryn turned an absolute nightmare into a sale in a short time without the stress.

Thank you so much, Kathryn we couldn’t have done it without you.

Karen, Beneficiary

Conveyancing Lawyer Testimonial

To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect working with a sellers advocate but I can definitely say that Kathryn Fantov and Innovative Property far outweighed my expectations

It made a real difference working with Kathryn as she was knowledgeable on the legal aspects of the sale but was also able to negotiate on price with the sellers best interests at the forefront.  

In the particular matter in which we worked together recently, there was a number of sellers/vendors who were not always on speaking terms during the sale campaign.  They were the executors/beneficiaries of a Deceased Estate and it was sometimes a challenge to get instructions. 

Kathryn managed the circumstances with ease and professionalism and was able to achieve a sale price prior to auction that surpassed the vendors expectations. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Kathryn again and definitely recommend her services.

– Janet, Home Lawyers