If you find bidding at Auction stressful and you’re worried about overspending, we can help you!

If you can’t attend an Auction and want a qualified expert to represent you, we can be there.

It’s easy to get carried away with the pace and pressure of an Auction. When you are emotionally attached to a property, keeping a level head can be difficult and quite often your plan goes out the window. We see this all too often – the regret of overpaying for a property. Real estate agents use Auctions to instil fear and pressure you into paying more than you should.

For a few hundred dollars you can have an expert bidding for you on Auction Day. Wouldn’t you feel more confident knowing you have us on your side to alleviate your stress and prevent the agent from applying pressure tactics?

With more than 25 years property experience, we have proven strategies for Auction bidding which gives you the best chance of securing your next property.

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