7 Tips For Selling Your Home This Spring

Spring 2022 is going to be an interesting selling season. With interest rates and inflation on the rise, the fallout from the pandemic as well as current global uncertainty, it’s only natural for buyers and sellers to be nervous. The questions on everyone’s lips at the moment are: Should I sell now or wait? Should I buy now or wait?

The reality is there is no one simple answer and trying to time the market perfectly is difficult – even for the experts! If you are buying and selling in the same market/location, any losses you may experience on your sale due to the market downturn, are usually re-gained when you purchase. When the right property comes along you should be ready to act which may mean having sold your property first or have bridging finance in place.

Buyer activity over Winter has been subdued with many buyers indicating they prefer to wait until Spring when there is more variety to choose from. So if you are looking to buy an investment property, waiting a few more months might work in your favour.

If you’re planning to sell your home this Spring, now is the perfect time to start preparing. Here are our top 7 tips to help you get started:

1.  Spring Clean – Start inside your wardrobes and throw out all those clothes that either no longer fit, are outdated, or you haven’t worn for the last 12 months. Then move to the kitchen cupboards, laundry and bathrooms. It’s amazing how much lighter and more organised you will feel once you’ve done this. They key is to take it slow and do one room per day if the thought overwhelms you. Donate any unwanted items to charity, sell on eBay/marketplace or give away to those in need. You’ll be thankful you did this now instead of waiting until after the sale. A top to bottom clean out is a great way to prepare your home for sale.

2.  Lawns/Gardens –  With more sunshine than we’ve seen for a while, now is the perfect time to get out into the garden and remove all those weeds (and mushrooms!) that have popped up over Winter. Trim any overgrown hedges, remove and replace any dead plants and pay extra attention to the lawns. Some good quality fertiliser or topsoil should help to get them looking green again. Just before the photo shoot, a layer of mulch will add some colour and make the garden look like new. It’s also a good time to mow the lawn to ensure the outdoor photos look their best.

3. Repairs & Maintenance – Dripping taps, flaky paint, and cracked tiles gives the impression the property is not well maintained and buyers will be extra cautious.  Another concern for buyers is the condition of the roof so it’s a good idea to have the gutters cleaned and roof inspected for any iisues such as broken tiles. These days, most buyers will request a pest and building inspection so it’s worthwhile fixing anything in advance that could potentially show up on a report. Inside, if the carpet looks a little dull, a good steam clean usually does the trick. However if they’re quite worn, investing in some new carpets or wood flooring is always money well spent. 

4. Declutter – This is one of the most important aspects of preparing your home for sale. Pack away any personal items from display, especially jewellery and family photographs. Ask yourself whether it will be easy for groups of people to navigate their way through your home. Too much furniture can cause a room to feel small so work out which items you need to keep as a minimum and either store or dispose of the rest. Less = more when it comes to presenting your home for sale.

5. Windows – Get some quotes now for window cleaning in readiness.  Sparkling clean windows are a great way to allow maximum sunlight into your home and will also give the impression the home is well maintained, an important consideration for most buyers. Removal of any mildew and cobwebs that have built up over the Winter months can also be done at the same time.

6. Final Touches – When you are ready for the first open home, some fresh colourful flowers strategically placed will accentuate that Spring feel. Combined with some light music and scented candles, visitors to your home will experience a positive vibe and the ability to imagine themselves living there. The ultimate goal is for buyers to become emotionally attached to your property. This will make your home stand out amongst the competition.

7. Speak to a Vendor Advocate – If you’re in the planning stages for a Spring sale it’s worthwhile speaking to us for some other ideas on how to maximise your sale price. This advice is free of charge and we can even share with you how we help to choose the best real estate agent to handle the sale. 

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