Top 3 Ways to Renovate Your Home For Profit

In this 3 part series we will count down the top 3 ways to add value to your home without overcapitalising. I have many homeowners come to me for advice in regard to what works they should or shouldn’t do around the home to improve saleability. They are often receiving conflicting advice from friends, family and even real estate agents, which only adds to their confusion.

As completely independent and unbiased professionals, we are able to give honest and accurate advice in a situation where others may not, due to a fear of offending or losing the business. Our passion is to discover ways in which we can enhance the property’s value and overall appeal to buyers without overspending. If the total cost of improvements cannot be recovered at least 3 times over in the final sale price, then the types of improvements need to be reconsidered. 

In our count down, we will start with Number 3 of the Top 3 Ways to Renovate Your Home for Profit. And just so we keep you in suspense, we have saved the best for last – so stay tuned!

Basic Cosmetic Upgrade

Ideally suited to an older  home, this is a fantastic option to increase your property’s appeal and therefore sale price without breaking the bank. You’d be surprised how much of a difference re-painting in white tones will make to brighten up the home and change the atmosphere or ‘feel’ of the property. Keeping the colours neutral will appeal to the masses as they can dress it up or down as much as their heart desires.

Combine new paint with new carpet or freshly polished timber floors and you’ll have buyers knocking the door down. Even if the bathroom or kitchen is in need of some TLC, these can be done at a later stage once the purchaser has moved in.  Buyers these days like to buy property where they can ‘add value’ of their own and one day complete their own renovation for profit (thanks to all the DIY TV shows out there). 

If you are on a limited budget, the Basic Cosmetic Upgrade is ideal. It focuses on those improvements that will have the largest overall impact, and won’t cost the earth. Freshly painted ceiling and walls together with newly carpeted (or polished) floors will instantly bring a fresh and clean appeal to the home. And if you really want to go all out, some new light fittings may seal the deal!

Stay tuned for Number 2 of our Top 3 Ways to Renovate For Profit over the coming weeks. In the meantime if you can’t wait that long, feel free to book in a call with us.  We’d love the opportunity to provide some expert advice on ways you can maximise the sale price of your home.


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