Is a quick sale a good sale?

A quick sale might seem attractive to some home owners because it means less weeks on the market, less open homes and less disruption. However did you know it can often result in less money?

We usually recommend our clients have at least two Saturday open homes before considering negotiating with a purchaser. This allows sufficient time for a good amount of buyers to inspect the home and for the agent to obtain some valuable price feedback.

From our experience and statistics also show, the eventual buyer for your home will inspect within the first 2 weeks of being on the market. When any new property listing is first advertised, it’s a bit like a nice piece of raw meat being thrown to a pride of lions – everyone pounces to try and experience it first. The more people wanting a stake (pardon the pun) in the property, the better chance we have of achieving the best price.

Your home is typically your largest asset so when it comes time to sell, you need to ensure you get it right first time. If you sell too quickly without enough exposure to the market place you risk leaving money on the table that could have been used to put toward your next property purchase.

Taking the easy way out can sometimes do more harm than good. A few extra weeks of preparing for open homes is worth it if you’re able to achieve your dream price or above!

If you’d like some help or free advice on ways you can maximise your sale price through budget friendly upgrades we can help. We can also take care of the whole agent interview process for you to ensure you select the best possible agent for your home.

Engaging us costs you nothing as a portion of the agent’s commission pays for our services. Click here for more or call us directly on 0411 522233 to discuss further.