Selling your home in Spring

If you’re planning to sell your home this Spring and take advantage of the low stock levels currently being experienced, here are our top 6 recommendations to help maximise your sale price.

1.  Spring Clean – Hopefully your annual Spring clean is well underway. We suggest you start inside kitchen cupboards and wardrobes, clearing out all those items at the back you haven’t used or worn for over a year. Donate any clothes to charity, sell on eBay or give away to those in need. You’ll be thankful you did this now instead of waiting until after the sale to start. A top to bottom clean is a great way to prepare your home for sale.

2.  Lawns/Gardens –  Tidy up the gardens including weeding, removal of any dead plants, and if you have any gaps, take a trip to the local flower shop for some new ones. A layer of mulch will add some colour and make the garden look like new. We recommend mowing the lawn the day before the photos are taken to ensure the outdoor shots look their best.

3. Repairs & Maintenance – Dripping taps, flaky paint, and cracked tiles gives the impression the property is not well maintained and buyers will be extra cautious.  Another concern for buyers is the condition of the roof so it’s a good idea to have the gutters cleaned and roof inspected for any repairs such as broken tiles. Inside, if the carpet looks a little dull, a good steam clean usually does the trick. However if they’re quite worn, investing in some new carpets or wood flooring is always money well spent. These days, not many buyers will proceed without doing a pest and building inspection so it’s worthwhile fixing anything in advance that could potentially show up on a report.

4. Windows – Sparkling clean windows are a great way to allow maximum sunlight into your home and will also give the impression the home is well maintained, an important consideration for most buyers. Removal of any mildew and cobwebs that have built up over the Winter months can also be done at the same time.

5. Declutter – This is one of the most important aspects of preparing your home for sale. Remove any personal items from display, especially jewellery and family photographs. Ask yourself whether it will be easy for groups of people to navigate their way around your home. Too much furniture can cause a room to feel small so work out which items you need to keep as a minimum and either store or dispose of the rest. Less = more when it comes to selling property.

6. Final Touches – When you are ready for the first open home, some fresh colourful flowers strategically placed will accentuate that Spring feel. Combined with some light music and scented candles, visitors to your home will experience a positive vibe and the ability to imagine themselves living there. When buyers become emotionally attached to a property, you can expect them to pay a little bit more to secure their new home.

Now that your property is looking its best, you’re probably thinking it’s time to call in the local real estate agents. But did you know there’s now a better way to sell your home? One that alleviates stress and increases your chances of achieving the highest possible price? It’s called Sellers Advocacy and it’s changing the way people sell property.

A Sellers Advocate provides expert advice and guides you through every step of the process from preparing the property for sale and choosing the right real estate agent all the way through to a successful sale. They work directly with your chosen agent to keep them honest and focused on achieving the best possible outcome for you. You pay nothing extra to engage their services.      

As your Sellers Advocate, protecting your interests is our No. 1 priority. Feedback from clients we’ve worked with shows how much of a difference we make to not only the end result, but also the entire client experience. It really is the best way to achieve the highest price possible for your home. 

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