What Sellers Want – tips to ensure your offer is accepted

One of the main reasons clients engage the service of Innovative Property Advocates when buying property in Sydney is because they are frustrated with missing out week after week on securing the right property. By the time they come to us they often waste many months searching the property market only to find they are outbid at auction, the house is sold before they can get organized or their offer has been rejected in favor of someone else.

At Innovative Property Advocates, we have extensive experience dealing with both buyers and sellers so we have an excellent understanding of exactly what a seller is looking for. We can therefore structure your offer in a way that the seller will want to accept.

Here is a snapshot of what YOU can do to ensure your offer is taken seriously, and get closer to buying the property you want.

  1. Get to know the real estate agent so you’re seen as a serious buyer. Real estate agents are busy people and don’t always communicate freely with “tyre kickers”. If their current property isn’t the right one, you want them to remember you next time a suitable property comes onto the market.
  2. Meet the owner if possible. Owners are people just like the rest of us and they want to know the new owner will love the property as much as they do. Being openly aggressive on price or negative about their home will put them offside. If it comes down to similar offers on the table owners will always remember who they liked more.
  3. Put your offer in writing as soon as you know you want the property. Don’t waste everyone’s time with outrageously low offers, but leave some wiggle room as sellers like to negotiate.
  4. Offer favorable settlement terms based on what is most likely to excite the seller. For example, if you know the seller has already bought elsewhere give them the option of a quick settlement. Or, if you know they have not found a property to move into you can offer an extended settlement. Price is not the only factor in their decision.
  5. View on a weekday. If you can get to a viewing during the week you don’t have to compete with the crowd for the attention of the agent. Plus you are more likely to run into the owner.

These are just a few of the techniques Innovative Property Advocates use to secure the right property at the right price for our clients. If you want help finding your next family home or investment property contact us on 0411 5222 33 or visit us here to find out more.