Sellers Advocacy set to challenge the property industry.

Finally, there is an alternative to selling your property without going directly to a real estate agent!  (And I’m not talking about ‘for sale by owner”.) No longer are seller’s bound to having the stress of choosing and dealing with real estate agents on their own. 

It may seem unusual to hire someone to help choose your real estate agent , however it is becoming increasingly popular and adds incredible value to the process. It’s called Seller’s Advocacy.

When selling your most valuable asset, the last thing you should worry about is whether or not you’ve chosen a  trustworthy agent. The process is stressful enough without adding that to the mix.  Recently, I attended a property seminar in which a real estate agent gave a presentation and I was surprised at a comment that he made. “Competition among agents when competing for your business, encourages them NOT to tell the truth”. While I admire his honesty, it doesn’t exactly paint a good picture for the industry. So, if you can’t even rely on truth from the outset, what for the rest of the process?

Helping you choose the right agent is an important role played by your advocate. Get that part wrong, and it could cost you thousands. It’s not just about who has the cheapest fee, the highest market appraisal or is the ‘nicest’ person.  We get the agents to provide sales information that most have never produced before. These stats provide a clear snapshot of the agent’s expertise and activity in the local area.

From here, a report is compiled on each to assist you in making the final decision and then the most competitive selling fee and marketing campaign is negotiated. If you’re asking the question of our fees, don’t be surprised when we save you enough money in this one negotiation to cover our own fees at least 2 times over! And this is even before we show you how to add significant value to the sale of your property!

This is just a small part of how Seller’s Advocacy is set to challenge the way property is traditionally sold. If you’d like to find out more, feel free to drop us a line at or call us on 0411522233.