When is the best time to sell property?

Spring is often heralded as the best time of year to sell your property – the birds are chirping, the air is warm, the flowers are blooming – and usually the buyers are, too.

But what about taking your property to market in winter? The arrival of cold weather doesn’t mean people stop looking to buy. In fact, there are the same numbers of buyers looking in winter as there are any other time of year. The only difference is  they have less properties to choose from in Winter. What an ideal opportunity to capture!

Now before you get too excited and rush out to sell your home, you need to be aware that not all houses lend themselves to a winter sale.

If your home is relatively dark or your backyard faces south and in shadow, then you might fit into this category. Buyers love sunlight and bright airy spaces. If your home presents at its best when the sun is high, it may be worthwhile waiting another 3-4 months.

However if your home captures loads of sunshine all year round or faces west, Winter is definitely the best time for you to sell.  Everyone loves the thought of basking in the winter sun without the winter chill! These homes present as warm, cosy and inviting.

If you decide to sell this coming Winter, here are some things to consider:

1. Present the property as a warm, light, bright escape from the dreary Winter weather for buyers. If you have a fireplace, ensure it’s crackling. If you have ducted air conditioning, make sure it’s toasty.

2. Proper presentation of your property is imperative to achieve maximum results. It’s often a good idea to have a professional walk through your home and give you an objective opinion on areas that could be improved. ‘Staging’ is also another crucial part of this planning process. Ensure that the use for each room is clearly identifiable by the furniture in it. Why not go to the extent of setting your dining table for a lavish dinner party? Buyers will love it!

3. And this is an obvious one, but don’t let your agent decide on the best open house times to fit his/her schedule. Ensure that the open house is held at the best time of day to present your home in the best possible light.  If the agent can’t oblige, find someone else who can!

If you’re thinking of selling soon, we’d love to chat with you about your home and which time of year would suit you best. We provide professional advice on property presentation and will even assist you in selecting the right agent. For more information on how we enhance the selling process, call us on 0411 522233 or visit our website www.innovativeproperty.net.au.