Top 3 Tips on Why Using a Buyer’s Advocate is a Better Way to Buy

If you’re like most people who are in the market to buy, you are probably extremely frustrated and fed up with the whole process. If you think finding the right property is tough, it’s only half the battle.

Even if you’ve fallen in love with a home or found the perfect investment property, been approved for a mortgage and made sure all your due diligence is in place, you still have to compete with the rest of the buyers to reach the front of the queue. Fortunately, employing the services of a buyer’s advocate can make this whole process much easier.  

  1. Acting EXCLUSIVELY for you.

Everyone knows a property seller has an agent working for them. So why not have an expert working for you too?  Because an agent may appear friendly and helpful, don’t ever forget they are being paid by the seller. It is in their interests to get on your good side and gain your trust so that you ultimately pay more than you should for a property.

However, as their name implies, buyers’ advocates have only YOUR goals and best interests in mind. They work exclusively for the buyer and don’t have any conflicts of interest in recommending which property to purchase. Buyer’s Advocates are paid by the buyer, and therefore provide independent professional advice and guidance to help you find and secure the property you want more effectively and efficiently.

2.  Insider information

Not all buyer’s advocates can be considered equal. Those with an extensive real estate background are better equipped to provide the inside knowledge and behind the scenes information to give you an ‘unfair’ advantage against other buyers.

Forming good long term relationships with real estate agents is how buyer’s advocates can get you into a property that may not be yet on the market. A large proportion of sales these days are “off market”. Real estate agents feel confident calling a buyer’s advocate first, knowing their clients are serious, qualified and ready to buy. Having a professional to represent you adds an enormous amount of credibility. You will never be forgotten or overlooked especially when it comes time to negotiate.

In addition to this, a good buyer’s advocate will do everything in their power to find you the right property, including knocking on doors!

3. Expert Negotiatiors

In the current market, negotiating the best price can be difficult and extremely stressful. Getting the right terms is also important. Terms may include settlement period, inclusions, interest charges or any number of special conditions a home seller might want.

Experienced and qualified buyer’s advocates are highly skilled negotiators not only when it comes to price, but also getting you the right terms. They are familiar with negotiation tactics applied by some real estate agents and have a few of their own!

When it comes to properties sold via auction, the bidding process can be overwhelming for buyers, especially those who have never done it before.
Buyer’s advocates are experienced at auction bidding and will ensure you do not overspend. They are in no way emotionally attached to the property so maintain total control during the Auction and most importantly ensure you stay within your budget.

These are just a few of the ways having an expert on your side when buying is invaluable.

Innovative Property Advocates offer a variety of services to help you during your next property transaction. With over 22 years industry experience, we provide independent and unbiased advice with only your best interest in mind. Let us do the hard work, locate and negotiate your next purchase.

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