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If you’re thinking of selling your home or investment property this year, you can’t afford to leave anything to chance. Inside our latest guide for home sellers you will learn many tricks of the trade we’ve gained over 30 years in the real estate industry. Topics like “How to present your home to maximise the sale price”, “How to choose the best agent”, “Should you sell off-market?”, and loads of inside tips and tricks the real estate agents don’t want you to know. 

Buyer & Vendor Advocates

If buying & selling property is not something you do every day, it pays to have an expert on your side to prevent costly mistakes. Someone who is genuinely passionate about helping you…. not how much they can make from you. If you are buying or selling for whatever reason be it upsizing, downsizing, retiring, divorcing or seeking a lifestyle change, our vendor advocate service can help you tailor a plan to ensure a more profitable outcome for you.


Frequently Asked Questions About Our Vendor Advocate Service

Vendor Advocacy, also known as Sellers Advocacy, is becoming a very popular way to sell property, especially as it doesn’t cost the seller any extra to engage us. A Vendor Advocate provides property sellers with professional, independent support and unbiased advice.  It is typically someone with an intimate knowledge of the buying and selling process and works exclusively for the seller. Protecting your interests and keeping the agent honest throughout the entire transaction is their main focus which ensures you achieve the best possible price for your home.

A vendor advocate provides a range of services including:

  • An independent assessment of the estimated value of your property.
  • Advice on ways to present your home to appeal to the most buyers.
  • Helping you prepare your property for sale and assist with minor cosmetic upgrades.
  • Research, interview and advise on which agent is best suited to sell your home.
  • Negotiate a competitive selling fee with the agent.
  • Ensure the marketing maximises the exposure of your property and not of the agent.
  • Proactively manage the agent to ensure a profitable outcome.
  • Guidance during the difficult negotiation phase.
  • Is by your side on Auction day to guide and support you. 

The main difference is that unlike a real estate agent who deals with both buyer AND seller during a negotiation, a Sellers Advocate deals only with the seller so there is never a conflict of interest. A Sellers Advocate is often described as being a ‘buffer’ or ‘barrier’ between the seller and agent, protecting them from pressure tactics often applied by agents.

Another difference is we help the seller choose the best real estate agent by conducting lengthy interviews and delving much deeper into the sale process. Pricing strategy, marketing campaign and buyer follow up processes are just a few of the items on the agenda during these interviews.

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