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Our Sydney Vendor Advocates are committed to helping you achieve the highest price for your home, at no additional cost. Selling your property with our Vendor Advocacy service is a stress-free and innovative approach. We can handle everything from preparing your home for sale to helping you choose the right real estate agent. We work together with the agent to ensure no stone is left unturned in our mission to secure the best possible price. With more than 3 decades of experience in real estate and vendor advocacy, we provide expert guidance, transparent processes, and honest advice to maximize your property’s value.

Navigating the selling process can be overwhelming, with legal terms, agent jargon, and tough decisions to make. Our team is here to support you throughout the journey, sharing industry insights to help you avoid costly mistakes. Engaging our Vendor Advocacy service won’t cost you anything extra, as we receive a standard referral fee from the agent while remaining independent. We work with all agents across the Sydney metro area and our motivation is solely focused on achieving the highest price, not just a quick sale.

With our proven 3 step Vendor Advocate process, we enhance your property’s appeal, assist in agent selection, and help you seamlessly navigate the sale process with confidence, ensuring the best possible outcome for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Vendor Advocate Service

Vendor Advocacy, also known as Sellers Advocacy, is becoming a very popular way to sell property, especially as it won’t cost you any extra. A Vendor Advocate provides property sellers with professional, independent support and unbiased advice.  They must hold a valid Real Estate Licence and have an intimate knowledge of the buying and selling process. A good Vendor Advocate doesn’t just assist with the agent selection process. At Innovative Property Advocates, protecting your interests and keeping the agent honest throughout the entire transaction is our main focus which ensures you achieve the best possible price for your home.

Our vendor advocates provides a range of services including:

  • An independent assessment of the estimated value of your property.
  • Advice on ways to present your home to appeal to the most buyers.
  • Helping you prepare your property for sale and assist with minor cosmetic upgrades.
  • Research, interview and advise on which agent is best suited to sell your home.
  • Negotiate a competitive selling commission with the agent.
  • Ensure the marketing maximises the exposure of your property and not of the agent.
  • Proactively manage the agent to ensure a profitable outcome.
  • Guidance during the difficult negotiation phase.
  • Being by your side on Auction day to guide and support you. 

The main difference is that unlike a real estate agent who deals with both buyer AND seller during a negotiation, a Vendor Advocate deals only with the seller so there is never a conflict of interest. A Vendor Advocate is often described as being a ‘buffer’ or ‘barrier’ between the seller and agent, protecting you from any pressure tactics some agents will use.

Another difference is we help you choose the best real estate agent by conducting lengthy interviews and delving much deeper into the sale process. Pricing strategy, marketing campaign and buyer follow up processes are just a few of the items on the agenda during these interviews.

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